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How to report a grievance or complaint

Employees who have a concern or complaint are first encouraged to seek resolution of the matter through an informal process, regardless of whether the issue qualifies for the formal Problem Resolution Procedure. Resolving problems at the department level helps build trust and better working relationships.

The steps to take to resolve the issue or complaint are outlined in the Problem Resolution Procedure for Non-faculty Employees - HR Policy 608If the informal process does not resolve the complaint or this process is not appropriate, the employee may contact the Talent Performance and Relations or assigned Consultant/Advisor to request the assistance of a facilitator. 

In some cases, UAB Talent Performance and Relations may take the initiative to recommend a facilitated conversation. Facilitated conversations give the employee an opportunity to discuss relevant issues with parties involved to seek a mutually agreeable solution to the complaint. 

See HR Policy 608 for information on the formal problem resolution procedure. This procedure is available to eligible employees if a satisfactory resolution has not been reached. 

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